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Violence in the Workplace

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Estimated Duration00:30:00
DescriptionWorkplace violence can unexpectedly occur in any workplace setting. It is estimated that almost 2 million Americans are victims of some form of workplace violence each year. Most instances of workplace violence do not end in homicide. Unfortunately, workplace violence is a real, significant threat to workers health and safety. This course will teach employees the major causes and types of workplace violence, their warning signs and how to prevent it. Employees will learn to define workplace violence, the different types and sources, and the methods used to prevent workplace violence according to OSHA recommendations and other sources. This course is intended for employees in all industries.
Relevant StandardsN/A
HRM-7.1.0Introduction and objectives
HRM-7.2.0Identify types of workplace violence and high-risk occupations
HRM-7.3.0Recognize behaviors and symptoms that could lead to violence
HRM-7.4.0Identify measures in workplaces that can help prevent workplace violence