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“We had a need for additional training surrounding our first responder teams. With this need we evaluated several video based platforms to be used to supplement our on-site training. Teela Brown with Evolved Safety was very helpful and knowledgeable concerning the titles and the LMS. This product helped me assign quality training across the region, test my teams, and record said training consistently. Using this product we’ve seen a growth in our team’s knowledge base. It’s easy to use and offers quality information to our team. Teela remains connected and is always available when questions or needs arise. In short, using Evolved Safety has made our responder teams better for action.”

Paul Thurber, Nucor Steel

“As a company that has both manufacturing and field operations it was proving to be difficult to get all employees trained each year.  MEI made the decision to move towards online training and began the exhaustive search of all the different vendors that provide that service.  MEI chose to work with Evolved Safety due to their great content, reasonable prices and fantastic customer service.  Employees commented immediately on how easy the LMS was to use and that it was better than other training systems they had used in the past.  With the continual updates to the LMS, MEI expects to partner with Evolved Safety for years to come.”

Travis Groh, MEI Total Elevator Solutions

“The online training works well for our company to help meet the training needs for our employees. We are bringing the training to them versus trying to schedule training in-house. We chose Evolved Safety to help meet our training needs from the standpoint that they understood what our goals were and helped us develop a program and select training topics that met our needs. Evolved Safety has helped us increase the safety culture within our company.”

Paul Rozich, Rockford Construction Company