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Each workplace is defined by its unique environment and the dedicated people who operate within it. This is why custom training productions are so effective; they align with the specific needs of your workplace, ensuring maximum relevance and impact in your training efforts. Employees are more likely to understand and remember information that directly applies to their daily tasks and surroundings, improving best practices and overall workplace efficiency.

Evolved Safety, in partnership with top producers, specializes in developing custom training programs that cater to the distinct requirements of your workplace. Our service encompasses every aspect of production, offering a seamless and high-quality experience. This includes scriptwriting, on-site filming, professional multi-language narration, music, voice talent, course design and programming, 3D animation, and comprehensive digital post-production.

Versatility for Any Company Size

Our team collaborates with your in-house experts to quickly develop specialized training, leveraging your existing materials, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation.

On-Site Media-Rich Content Creation

On-location filming enables us to produce new, media-rich training content, covering everything from company policies to detailed machine operation guides.

Content Migration and Transformation

Transform outdated eLearning or workshop content into modern, interactive formats and convert traditional classroom materials for eLearning, video, or VR implementation.

Interactive Learning Experiences

We excel in programming relevant interactions and simulations, enhancing learner retention and ensuring a more engaging and effective training experience.

Full Control Over Content

While we bring our expertise, you maintain complete control over the course content, allowing customization that suits your training needs.

Choosing Evolved Safety means partnering with a team that elevates your training program. When it’s time to take control of your training, we’re more than a service provider; we’re an integral part of your team.

Custom Training Use Cases

Onboarding Compliance

Machine-Specific Training

Company Messaging


Customer Facing Product Training

Custom Training Production Formats:

Virtual Reality Training

Video Production

Customized 3D Animation

Detailed virtual environments and scenarios tailored to your workplace.

Interactive Simulations

Engaging, realistic exercises for skill development and scenario training.

Narrative Development

Storylines and scenarios developed to match your training objectives.

Voice-Over Narration

Professional audio narration to guide and enhance the VR experience.

Post-Production Enhancements

Final touches, including sound design and visual effects, to ensure a polished, immersive training module.

Custom Training Production Formats:



Instructional Strategy Development

Crafting effective educational strategies and learning paths to achieve desired training outcomes.

Interactive Content Development

Creating engaging and interactive learning modules, including quizzes and exercises.

Multimedia Integration

Incorporating videos, animations, and graphics to enhance the learning experience.

Custom Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

Develop tailored content and visual plans to meet specific learning objectives.

Voice-over and Audio Production

Providing professional narration and sound design for a more immersive eLearning experience.

Responsive Design for Multiple Devices

Ensuring eLearning modules are accessible and optimized for various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Custom Training Production Formats:

Video / Streaming Video Training

Custom Video

Custom Script and Storyline Creation

Developing unique scripts and storylines tailored to your specific training needs.

Professional On-Site Filming

Capturing content directly at your location with a professional crew.

Expert Post-Production Editing

Fine-tuning the final video with cutting-edge editing techniques for a polished finish.

Streaming Optimization

Ensuring smooth playback and accessibility across various streaming platforms and devices.

Custom Training Production Formats:

Hybrid/Blended Learning


Optimized Learning Mix

Crafting a strategic blend of eLearning, workshops, and practical on-the-job experiences to enhance skill development and learning efficiency.

Performance-Focused Design

Analyzing performance needs to develop a targeted learning experience that maximizes learner engagement and your return on investment.

Seamless Integration

Combining various training formats into a cohesive, compelling learning journey tailored to specific organizational goals and learner requirements.

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