The bottom line is that you need to make sure every dollar you spend on your safety training program is justifiable. But by stretching your budget you will have the room in your budget to do more, either now or in the future. It’s worth taking a look at your safety training program from a different angle to see where you may be able to get more bang for your buck.

Payment Terms

Are you paying per employee or per course? Are you on a monthly billing program or annual payment program? Do you pay as you go or up front? Depending on how you consume courses, employee size, topics covered, and employee turnover, a change in how your provider is billing you for courses could making a significant savings impact. This is especially true for online training programs.

Talk to Your Insurance Provider

A majority of the large insurance carriers offer a number of safety training programs for free or at a discounted rate for their customers. It’s worth talking to your insurance provider about what safety training programs they offer.

Alternative Budgets

You may be able to source a portion of your safety training budget from other departments within your company. For example, if your exemplary safety record helps to land new clients, perhaps marketing or sales could cover some of your training budget. And depending on the breadth of training topics you cover human resources may play a role.

New Delivery Methods

If you’ve been using the same training delivery method for a few years it may be worth exploring alternative options. Internal changes, such as number of employees or turnover, and external changes, such as new technology and accessibility, may directly impact the cost of your training. You may find that a new delivery method for some or all of your training may be more cost effective.

Evolved Safety can take the guesswork out of assessing the value of your safety training program. We’ll review your current program and let you know of alternative options that could help you save money and stretch your budget. Give us a call at 844.528.4486 and let’s get started!