In your role as the safety professional at your company, we understand that your role and responsibilities require you to react and follow up on a wide array of issues that come up daily. We are introducing short informative webinars that will focus on the move away from reactive safety management towards a proactive culture.

Evolved Safety and SHE Software are regularly approached by organizations where safety professionals require support to help senior managers recognize the benefits of moving away from a reactionary culture to a more positive process.

We find that, in many of these organizations, the staff responsible for managing safety have a high administrative burden and spend most of their time re-entering data, reworking incorrect records, searching for information, updating documents, manual reporting and chasing actions.  These inefficient processes prevent them from promoting proactive health and safety.

To demonstrate how we can help you free up that time to proactively manage health and safety across your company to improve safety performance as well as demonstrating financial and productivity benefits, we have arranged for one of our experts to run a 20-minute webinar that will cover the common admin burdens we see and how we can assist you to solve them.

You are invited to attend the webinar on Thursday, September 14th at 2:00 pm Eastern time.  Places are limited so please do not hesitate to register should you wish to attend.

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