With the ability to be designed for a specific job, process, or company , it’s no wonder that many companies are opting to set themselves apart by training their employees with programs that are personalized rather than generic or role-based. And creating and implementing customized EH&S training isn’t as complicated as you might think… In fact, thanks to advancements in technology and software, it’s easier than ever to add and/or alter course text, video, images, and more for training that can set a new standard of preparedness in your company.

Evolved Safety works with several vendors who offer custom video and online course productions to suit your needs. Here are a few extra reasons to consider a custom EH&S training option for your company:

  1. Make training specific to your industry or job function Create immersive scenarios and reality based examples that are ideally suited for your industry and/or job function. This helps employees to better relate to the content, making them more likely to be motivated to learn, even after they have stepped away from the learning environment.
  2. Increase employees’ attention Adding elements like company-specific procedures and processes, company terminology, and scenes at your plant or job site can help connect your employees to the subject matter and immerse them in the training, helping to ensure employee understanding and retention of material.
  3. Accurately convey company brand and image Each page, line of text, and graphic used can be created to be an accurate representation of your organization’s culture and style. This has the benefit of making your employees feel further invested in the company, as well as help to develop a strong work ethic.
  4. Decrease training time Opt to cut out unnecessary information and select only the components of training that are most applicable to your needs. Employees will receive training that is right to the point, hard-hitting, and focused so they can get back to their other responsibilities more quickly, saving you time.